Welcome to The Planet’s Blog… I think?


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18 Responses to “Welcome to The Planet’s Blog… I think?”

  1. York Richards Says:

    Man – this really made me miss the Erwin manifesto emails.

    Lots of …

    “It’s a jungle out there”

    Good times.

    Congrats on nice first blog Doug – looking forward to your second edition.

  2. Muhajir Says:

    Great job!

  3. theWHIR Blogs Says:

    Congratulations on a great first blog post. Welcome to the web hosting blogosphere from theWHIR Bloggers.

  4. totaltransformation Says:

    Welcome to the blog world.

  5. Mnemonyss Says:

    Hey Doug! I just read your blog :) I agree, I wish there were way more hours in a day, so I support you in your endeavors for your next life!

    Things are progressing, and we all appreciate the time you put into the company :)

  6. Scarecrow Says:

    Yep… welcome to the blog world!

  7. Tom Says:

    Boy … do … I … like … ellipses …

  8. sleeplessinfnej Says:

    Hey, great blog. Enjoying it immensely.

  9. onesorryblog Says:

    Indeed, welcome to this world of blogging. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  10. secondchancetolive Says:

    Hi Doug,
    With all new experiences there are learning curves. In my pursuit of excellence, I brood over words. I consider myself a word smith. I liken my experience as to a sculptor who takes a slab of clay and slowly removes bits and pieces of clay until he creates a work of art. If you can see yourself as a artist that paints with words you may have a more enjoyable experience as you -like I do on a regular basis- muddle your way to a finished product.

    My encouragement to you would be to see your experience as a process, not a destination.

    Craig Second Chance to Live

  11. TheHasselhoff Says:

    What is the deal with all of the dots and lack of punctuaction? I found it very difficult to finish reading through the post because of this. I would expect more from a CEO………(see what I did there!)

  12. Robert J Says:

    This gives me hope… my choice of punctuation has always been limited too:

    … ! ? !?! .. :D

  13. Robert J Says:

    By the way… good blog… you’re doing well :)

  14. Jackie Says:


    Welcome to the blog world! Yet another great way to reach your customers. I just noticed the launch of the blog on the New&Releases page on theplanet and thought I would take a look. Now that I am here and have read what you have to say, I do have to ask how you feel about an article I ran across on stopbadware.org:


    In the article they reference “badware” sites and 2,000+ that appear to be residing on theplanet servers. Thoughts?

  15. Bob Says:

    maybe…you should…have someone…proof read… before…



    … CEO? …?…?…hhrrm?

  16. Easton Ellsworth Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, guys! Let me know if you ever want to chat about corporate blogging – it’s my pet obsession. Keep things open and sincere here and you’ll go a long way.

  17. Dj Says:

    Hey, lay off the guy. Everyone has their own style. For some it’s a pristine arrangement of perfect grammar and spelling; others may prefer more of a conversive style of writing. Just remember, like anything in the world… you don’t have to read it if you don’t like it.

    Keep up the blogs, Doug! Can’t wait to read more.

  18. Will Charnock Says:

    Jackie – Appreciate your comment. We take this issue very seriously at The Planet and have a highly enforced Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP). Our Abuse team works around-the-clock to respond to, investigate and take remedial measures regarding spam, phishing, fraud, hacking or other violations of our AUP. That said, as a host of more than 2.8 million Web sites our size and scale keeps us working 24x7x365 to stop badware. We’ve been in contact with stopbadware.org to gather more information on the issue they’ve raised. We also work with a number of organizations to maintain the highest standards for protecting the Internet community and our customers. Thanks.

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